Paying Traffic Fines Online is Now Easier through NJMCDirect website

Violation of traffic rules is a common phenomenon. A lot of us might have violated a traffic rule unknowingly and ended up getting caught in the hands of the the traffic police. In fact, a lot of us may also be familiar with the excruciating process of paying hefty fines in courts and giving long explanations for the violation of the traffic rules. Well, a website named NJMCDirect has come to our rescue which facilitates online payments of fines and saves a lot of time. NJMCDirect is an online website which can be accessed from anywhere in the world on the Internet. The authentic URL (Uniform Resource Locator) of the website is The online website has a simple and straightforward mechanism to pay the fines and avoid visiting the courts. 

The NJMCDirect website provides you with a Prefix Code which can be used to pay the fines. With the help of  this website, you will no longer need to visit the New Jersey Meadowlands Commission and wait in the long queues. The process of paying the fines on the NJMCDirect website is safe and easy. It has a simple user interface and the payments can be processed quickly without any delay. This save a lot of your valuable time and and you can pay your fines from the comfort of your home.

The NJMCDirect website has the following two key benefits:

  • Quick and Efficient: The payment of fines is quick and time saving.
  • Safe and Secure: Your personal and private information is kept secret. The New Jersey Court Employees are the only ones to possess and access your confidential information.

Payment of fines through NJMCDirect website: How and what you need?

In order to pay your fines through the NJMCDirect portal, you will need an NJ Ticket Prefix Code and the below mentioned things at place. 

Traffic Ticket: It is basically a ticket with certain details mentioned on it whenever you violate a traffic rule. A traffic police office will hand over this ticket which has the Court ID and the Ticket ID mentioned on it. The nature of violation of traffic rule will also be mentioned on the ticket. It is therefore important for you to have this ticket for payment of fines on the NJMCDirect website. The Traffic Ticket should be legal.

License Plate Number:  A License Plate number can be easily found on the Driving License ID Proof. It can be generally found under the vehicle information section.

Payment Mode: NJMCDirect is an online website; you will therefor have to process your fines through online transactions. In order to pay your fines, you will require valid and legal credit or debit cards. You can avail the services of VISA, Ru Pay and MasterCard as well for the payment of fines. 

Working hours of the Website: NJMCDirect is not a 24×7 website. It has fixed working hours as per the rules and policy of the website. You must therefore check the working hours of the website before initiating your payments. The working hours of the NJMCDirect website on various days of the week are mentioned below.

Monday to Thursday: 07:30 to 23:45
Friday: 07:30 to 22:45
Saturday: 07:30 to 15:45
Sunday: 13:00 to 23:45

Internet Connectivity: A good and safe internet connectivity is recommended for the payment of fines. Do not pay your fines through open WiFi networks to avoid hacking of your card details. A safe, secure and fast internet connectivity is recommended for safe and quick online transactions. 

It is always recommended to check with the due date of the payment of the fines. A payment made past the due date may incur additional charges. Hence, make sure to be keep a tab on the schedule of your payments to be made on the NJMCDirect website.

Accessing the NJMCDirect Payment Portal:

NJMCDirect website is simple and easy to use. You can easily access the website through your laptop or mobile device. The below mentioned points will help you to understand the website in a more better way. 

  • Visit the website at through a browser such as Google Chrome or Internet Explorer.
  • Once the website is fully loaded, you will find an option to  pay your fines. The payment of fines can be done through the ‘Time Payment Order’ or ‘Traffic Ticket Search’ sections.
  • Click on the correct option to start with the payment of your fines.
  • Once the relevant section is completely loaded on the website, you will have the option to enter your Ticket Number. Make sure to enter the License Plate Number and the Court ID as well in the fields provided. A Ticket Prefix is the most important part of the payment process on the NJMCDirect website. You must enter the Ticket Prefix correctly as mentioned on the Traffic Ticket. Once you fill all the required fields, you can proceed further by clicking on the continue button.
  • Once you click on the continue button, you will be able to see two options: View NJMCDirect Ticket and NJMCDirect Ticket Payment. If you wish to review your details, you can click on the View NJMCDirect Ticket option. Otherwise, you can proceed with the payment of your fines through the NJMCDirect Ticket Payment option.
  • At last, you can pay your fines by entering your credit or debit card details and complete the online transaction for your fines.

The NJMCDirect website has the feature to view your online transactions made on the website. The website holds the records of the transactions for a period of 3 months (90 days). In case you face any technical issues on the website, a dedicated customer service team can help you with payment process. 

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